The new epidemic: Diarrhea

Millions of people suffer from constant stomach cramps and diarrhea. Until the irritable bowel syndrome is diagnosed, sufferers often complete a doctors Marathon. The food was good, the food was hard, and now it is bad. The gluttony to Christmas is quite strenuous for the human body, not only because it must process the many… Read More »

A mysterious patient: Pain

Fever and joint pain: Doctors in the UK Coventry despite extensive diagnostics find no cause for these complaints, a 29-year old. Late is the ultimate note – by the patients themselves. Suddenly, a 29-year-old man gets fever. Scratches his neck, he feels uncomfortable, and painful joints. A typical cold through a viral infection could be… Read More »

Skin care tips for hair removal

Epilation is a good alternative to shaving because you have something from the smooth skin more. Redness or pain at the, to avoid, or after epilating, you should be aware of these skin care tips. Every woman wants to have smooth and hairless legs. However, many methods of hair removal are sometimes more expensive. Epilation… Read More »

Legal highs: Poison experts warn against serious side effects

Time and again people to the consumption of “Herbal mixtures” in the hospital, sometimes they even die. Poison experts warn uncontrollable side effects of so-called legal highs. The consumption of narcotic-containing herbal mixtures and bath salts is a growing challenge poison emergency call centres. The side effects of the so-called legal highs were often serious,… Read More »